Die Bonders - Model UDB-206B

Local Time at Hybond: Thursday, 01 June 2023, 9:16 AM

Model UDB-206B Eutectic Die Bonder

Model UDB-206B Epoxy / Silver Glass Bonder


HYBOND’s Model UDB-206B is a manual eutectic die bonder that bonds devices using heat and vibration at an ultrasonic frequency. It provides precise control of ultrasonic scrub energy, force, and time (scrub duration) to provide consistant wetting without damaging die.

An optional pulse-heating stage and controller can be easily added to minimize thermal stress on delicate die.

The UDB-206B is ideal for low to medium volume and high reliability production.

In Action

Standard Features

  • Hybond Soft Touch energy system
  • Servo-motorized vertical (Z axis) control
  • 1.10in (28mm) vertical travel range
  • Variable height bonding within travel range
  • Search height adjustable in 0.001 inch increments
  • 62.5KHz ultrasonic scrub system
  • Digital parameter adjustment in actual units (watts, milliseconds and grams)
  • Storage for up to ten bond schedules in non-volatile memory
  • Built-in temperature controllers for work stage and collet heat
  • Independent preform and die cycles
  • Dual foot switch control for bond head vertical (up and down) movement
  • Bond head vertical movement can be controlled in fast or slow speed on manual mode
  • Bond level sensor stops Z axis movement upon contact with bond surface and activates bond cycle
  • Deep access capable (when using long collet)
  • Single axis (Y direction – front to back) scrub
  • Collet heat independent from work stage heat
  • 120VAC std. input power (240VAC with OP-12)
  • Flip chip capable when ordered with WST-15A-RMN-FC work stage.

Optional Features

  • OP-06A: Nikon SMZ660 Microscope
  • OP-08A: Dual Fiber Optic Illuminator
  • HY-Pulse 900A: Pulsed Heat Stage w/force N2 cooling, heated N2 cover gas package enclosure
  • WST-15A-RMN-FC: Work Stage
  • OP-06S6: Leica S6 Zoom Stereo Microscope
  • OP-08R-LED: White LED Ring Illuminator
  • Color or B/W CCTV Systems with or without single reticle (target) generator


» Scrub System:

Ultrasonic, 62.5KHz

» Scrub Amplitude:

0-3 µm (approx.)

» Bond (Scrub) Time Range:

10 to 900mS

» Dwell Time (before scrubbing):

0 to 9.9 seconds

» Bond Force Range:

12 to 300g

» Temperature Control Range:

Stage: Ambient to 500° C, Collet: Ambient to 250° C

» Bondable Die Size Range:

4 x 4mil up to 100 x 100mil (100 x 100µm to 2,5 x 2,5mm)

» Placement Accuracy:

± 1 mil (25,4 µm) standard. Higher accuracy when adding other options.

» Bondable Preform Alloys:

AuSn, AuSi, AuGe, and others

» Bond Head Movement:

Servo-motorized vertical movement only

» Bond Actuation:

By touchdown sensor

» Z Travel /Vert. Bonding Window:

1.10in (28mm) vertical travel range

» Placement Table Motion:

Manual 4:1 manipulator (8:1 option available)

» Approximate Units Per Hour (UPH):

150 to 900 (operator dependent)

» Min. Bench Space Required:

Width: 25in (63,5cm) Height: 21in (53,3cm) Depth: 30in

» Facilities Required (min.):

Vacuum: 23in.Hg (584mmHg), Inert gas: 60psi (4,2Kg/cm2)

» Input Power Requirements:

120VAC standard or 240VAC (with OP-12)

» Unit Weight /Shipping Weight:

150 lbs (68 Kg) approximately