Die Bonders - Model HY-Pulse 900C

Local Time at Hybond: Sunday, 24 September 2023, 7:51 PM

Model HY-Pulse 900C Fluxless / Eutectic Solder Station

Model Hy-Pulse 900C


Model HY-PULSE 900C is a stand alone variable time pulse heat generating system which allows virtually immediate supply of heat to a centralized point and quickly removes the heat if needed.

The system can deliver a temperature ramp from ambient to 400° C in approximately 4 seconds (depending on package size and material). The total heat pulse time can be adjusted with the front panel temperature module controls.

Complex profiles can be programmed through the USB interface. Cooling can be done faster by activating the cool nitrogen blower.

The HY-PULSE 900C is used in applications that require little or no scrubbing, manual scrubbing, short heating times, reworking of pre-soldered parts and others.

In applications requiring precise pick, place and scrub of devices, HYBOND suggests the integration of the HY-PULSE 900C with our line of Eutectic Die Bonders: Model UDB-141 or UDB-206B.

Working with larger parts? Contact us for information about the HY-Pulse 2300B

Standard Features

  • High Power Pulse Heat Generator
  • Dual Temperature Work Stage
  • Foot Switch or Push-Button Actuation of Heat Pulse
  • Independently Adjustable Heat Pulse and Cooling Cycle Duration
  • Up To 4 Unique Heating Profiles Can Be Run in Series (Up To 10 Heat/Cool Steps per Profile)
  • LED Display for Setting and Tracking Heat Pulse and Cooling Times
  • Cover Gas Heating
  • External Trigger Jack for Connection to Separate Die Bonder
  • Dual Temperature Control Units: One Controls Constant Heat and the Other Controls Pulse Heat.
  • Dual Flow Meters: One Controls Cover Gas Flow and the Other Controls Cool Gas Flow
  • Heating and Cooling Profiles Programmable Through USB Port (USB Cord Provided) or Watlow Downloadable Software.

Optional Features

  • Nikon SMZ745 Microscope (OP-06B)
  • Dual Fiber Optic Illuminator (OP-08A-LED)
  • Base Plate & Boom Arm Assembly for mounting Microscope and Illuminator System (OP-100 & 101)
  • Leica S7E Zoom Stereo Microscope (OP-06S7E)
  • White LED Ring Illuminator (OP-08R-LED)
  • Eutectic Die Bonders: UDB-206B (manual) & UDB-141 (semi-automatic)


» Scrub System:

None. Scrub can be done by operator or by die bonder if used

» Scrub Amplitude:

Depends on operator or die bonder used

» Bond (Scrub) Time Range:

Operator or die bonder dependent

» Bond Time (including Temp. Ramp):

Ranging from 0 to 99 seconds

» Bonding Force Range:

None. Depends on operator or die bonder if used

» Work Stage Temperature Range:

Ambient to 500°C

» Collet Temperature Range:

None. Dependent on operator or die bonder used

» Bondable Die Size:

Up to maximum package size (see below)

» Maximum Package/Substrate Size:

840mil x 980mil (21mm x 25mm)

» Placement Accuracy:

Operator or die bonder dependent

» Bondable Preform Alloys:

AuSn, AuSi, AuGe, and others

» Bond Actuation:

By foot switch, front panel push button or external trigger

» Work Stage Motion:

Manual (standard) but other work stages are available

» Input Power Requirements:

120VAC standard or 240VAC (with OP-12)

» Cover Gas Recommended:

H₂/N₂ 5/95, 1/8” male barbed fitting

» Minimum Bench Space Required:

Width: 18in (46cm) Height: 15in (38cm) Depth: 15in (38cm)

» Unit Weight/Shipping Weight:

35lbs (16Kg) approximately

» Approximate Units Per Hour (UPH):

180 to 300 depending on operator skill or equipment used