Calibration Systems - Model DFS-IV

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Model DFS-IV Universal Wire Bonder Test System

Model DFS-IV Universal Wire Bonder Test System


In Force mode, the DFS-IV measures a bonder’s dynamic force in real time. When the tip of a bonding tool presses against the sensor, the touch screen displays a wave form that represents the duration and magnitude of the bond head force in precise detail. Force information is measured in grams and milliseconds and can reveal potentially damaging conditions like head bounce, table vibration, force and/or time inconsistencies, etc.

In Voltage mode, the DFS-IV operates like a dual channel oscilloscope that can be used to measure U/S generator output to the transducer. The DFS-IV simplifies the setup of wire bonders of different makes and models by enabling the user to match U/S, time and force settings between machines regardless of the their front panel adjustments or difference in calibration.

HYBOND’S DFS-IV can be used for setup, calibration, troubleshooting and training anywhere due to its light weight, compact and portable design.

Standard Features

  • Reference trace capture and storage
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • Adjustable datum and cursor
  • 10.1 inch touch screen display
  • Universal power adapter for 110-240VAC
  • Built-in USB 2.0 connectors
  • Force and voltage measuring modes
  • Force measurement displayed in grams
  • Adjustable date/time & test machine info
  • Works on manual, semi-auto & auto bonders

Optional Accessories

  • High temperature sensor assembly rated to 160° C
  • WST-15A-U (Work Stage) for holding sensors
  • Calibration kit (ambient or high temperature)
  • Extra sensors


» Total Force Measurement Range:

0g to 4Kg (limited by sensor force range listed below).

» Scope Force Range:

2g/div. to 1Kg/div. (9 ranges in 1-2-4 increase sequence).

» Total Volts Measurement Range:

0 to 200V.

» Scope Volts Range:

100mV/div to 50V/div (9 ranges in 1-2-5 increase sequence).

» Scope Lead Compatibility:

Standard 1X and 10X oscilloscope leads for Volts mode operation

» Total Time Measurement Range:

0 to 20 seconds

» Scope Time Range:

1 µs/div. to 2 s/div (20 ranges in 1-2-5 increase sequence)

» Sensor Force Range:

10gr. to 1Kg. NOTE: Force sensor does not measure ultrasonics (U/S must be off or power setting must be 0 while measuring force with the DFS-IV).

» Temperature Range:

Ambient or up to 160° C when using the high temperature sensor.

» Maximum Sample Rate:

100 Mega samples per second.

» Data Transfer:

Via USB 2.0 (2 outlets available).

» Input Power Requirements:

100 to 240VAC; 50/60Hz. @ 1.2A (Universal Power adapter).

» Unit Size:

Length: 8.5in (21,6cm), Width: 11.1in (28,2cm), Depth: 2.1in (5,3cm).

» Unit Weight/Shipping Weight:

5.25 lbs (2,38Kg)/10 lbs (4,5Kg), shipping weight varies with options.

» Industry Standards: