Peg Bonders - Model 616B-005

Local Time at Hybond: Thursday, 01 June 2023, 9:16 AM

Model 616B-005 Thermosonic Peg Bonder

Model 616B-005 Digital Ultrasonic Peg Bonder


Model 616B-005 thermosonic single channel peg bonder has been designed to perform thermosonic attachment of insulated or bare wire / ribbon.

This unit contains a built-in in temperature controller.

Applications include hard disk head stack assemblies, head gimbal assemblies, microwave, sensor circuits, ball coining, flex-on-flex, ribbon tacking, pin-tab bonding, and mesh bonding.

Standard Features

  • Hybond Soft Touch energy system
  • Servo-motor vertical (Z axis) control
  • 0.75in (19mm) vertical bonding window
  • Variable height bonding within 0.75in (19mm)
  • Search height adjustable in 0.001in (25um) increments
  • Hi/Lo U/S power selector (PLL generator)
  • Digital parameter adjustment in actual units (watts, milliseconds and grams)
  • Storage for up to ten bond schedules in nonvolatile memory.
  • Built-in temperature controller. Bond counter records number of bonds performed and can be reset.
  • Dual footswitch control for bond head vertical (up and down) movement.
  • Bond head vertical movement can be controlled in fast or slow speeds on manual mode.
  • Bond level sensor system stops Z axis movement upon contact with bond surface and activates bond cycle.
  • Deep access when using 0.750 inch tool.

Optional Features

  • Leica S7E Zoom Stereo Microscope. (OP-06S7E)
  • Nikon SMZ745 Microscope (OP-06B)
  • Dual Fiber Optic Illuminator (OP-08A-LED)
  • White LED Ring Illuminator (OP-08R1-LED)
  • Provisions for 240VAC 50/60 Hz power (OP-12)
  • Heated Work Stage, 2.125 in. top (WST-15A)
  • Heated Work Stage, 2.125" top with (OP-47) 2 x 2" Waffle Pack/Tray holder (WST-15A-WP)
  • Beam Lead Diode Bonding option (OP-47)
  • PT-X.X: Peg Tool as ordered per application.
  • Beam Lead Diode Bonding Tool (BLD-TxWxL)


» Ultrasonic System:

PLL self-tuning, 62.5 KHz (±2.5KHz) nominal

» Ultrasonic Power Range:

0-2 watt on Low setting, 0-4 watts on High setting

» Bond Time Range:

0 - 900 mSec

» Bond Force Range:

12 - 300 grams

» Temperature Control Range:

15 to 250° Centigrade

» Bondable Wire Diameters:

0.7 to 3.0mil (18 to 76um) and ribbon up to 1 x 20mil (25 x 500um)

» Bond Head Movement:

True linear vertical motorized movement with fast and slow speeds in manual mode or search height pause in auto mode

» Bond Actuation:

Bond height sensor activates bond cycle upon contact with bond surface/overtravel

» X-Y Work Platform Motion:

Manual, 4:1 ratio between manipulator and X-Y table

» Input Power Requirements:

120 VAC 50/60 Hz @ 10A (std), order OP-12 for 240VAC 50/60Hz

» Minimum Bench Space Required:

20" x 20" (50,8cm x 50,8cm)

» Unit Weight /Shipping Weight:

45 / 135 lbs (20,41 / 61,24 Kg). Shipping weight will vary.

» Industry Standards:

CE certified